Glowing things

Quinine gives a distinctive bitter taste to tonic water and also fluoresces brightly under uv light.



Using tonic water in place of water when making jelly, you can make jelly that “glows in the dark” under uv light.
Left cup - jelly with tonic water

Left cup – jelly with tonic water

Chlorophyll glows bright red under uv light and it’s easy to make an extract containing chlorophyll from green leafy vegetables like spinach.
Spinach juice containing chlorophyll

Spinach juice containing chlorophyll

By combining the two – tonic water jelly and spinach extract, we were able to make a spooky vampire glowing thing.
Fancy a bite?

Fancy a bite?

It’s good enough to eat.

2014 is the International Year of Crystallography.

Commercial tonic water typically contains about 67mg of quinine per litre. It may be possible to separate quinine from tonic water in the school laboratory and use this an International Year of Crystallography project.


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