Ice to steam or I can sing a heating curve.

Can you identify the songs?

Here are some karaoke lyrics to substitute in for songs on stages of the heating curve for ice to steam (temperature against time).

Stage 1 – Song 1

“Temp low, sweet ice a lot

All the vibrations are slow

Add heat, start warming up

Vibrations mean the ice is going to go”

Stage 1 – Song 2

“Ice picking up good vibrations

Heat giving it excitations” repeat

Stage 2 – Song 3

“At nought degree C, I want to break free

To break free from your bonds takes energy

Molecules, use heat to break free”

Stage 3 – Song 4

“All the molecules liquid now

All the molecules move around

Molecules keep on moving round all night long

Heat it up, heat it up, baby heat it up

na na na na na na na na 

Temperature going up, going up, water getting hot”

Stage 4 – Song 5

“I am boiling, I am boiling

Steam again, breaking free

I am boiling, no more bonding

Temperature constant, 100 degrees C”

Stage 5 – ???




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