Voyage to the bottom of the water trough

Baking powder submarines are great fun.

Baking powder sub IMG_0004

All you need is a submarine, baking powder and water

The baking powder provides the chemical reactants needed to produce the gas which raises the sub.

Baking powder sub IMG_0005

What are the key chemical reactants listed here?

At the surface the sub takes on water and sinks to the bottom of the water trough. A chemical reaction takes place producing gas inside the sub which causes it to rise back to the surface. The gas is emitted from the sub and the cycle repeats, diving and rising.


Diving and rising

A video clip from which the above animation was constructed can be viewed here.


1. What is the chemical reaction that takes place when the baking powder dissolves in water?

2. What is the gas produced that raises the sub?

Answers next time.



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